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Are You Waiting For January, Again?

By December 1, 2020Uncategorized

By: Tatiana Britton

It never fails that every year around November and December I see gym members and clients fall off on their consistency, and in some cases, stop showing up altogether. Although 2020 is a year unlike most we’ve seen before (don’t worry, I’m not opening that can of worms) the holidays will once again create unique challenges for us. With the holidays comes temptation to fall into the all or nothing mindset. Instead of enjoying treats, events and life with balance many people feel they either are all in on the gym or not at all and will just start back up again come January.


Are YOU falling into this mindset? Did Thanksgiving throw you off and now you’re feeling like you might as well just dial it back, or off completely, until the new year comes? If you are struggling with falling back into this old pattern, I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to be all in or nothing. You can take on the unique challenges of the holidays AND stay on top of your health/fitness regime.


Your workout frequency may be less, but make the most of it. If you have plans around the holidays that get in the way of your workout schedule this doesn’t mean you just throw the towel in on your workouts. Accommodate and adjust your schedule as best as you can. If this means you’ll still miss some workouts, make the most of those workouts! Don’t dog them just because you’re not ALL IN this month. Do your best with what you can do with your schedule and put in the work during your workout sessions.


Remember the 80/20 rule with nutrition. This means 80% ON POINT, and 20% FLEXIBILITY. You don’t have to have Christmas cookies and treats every single meal of every day, for the entire month of December. I know that sounds dramatic… but I could be one of those people if I let myself! Instead of throwing your diet completely out the window, allow yourself a treat but the remainder of your meals ensure they’re planned and of good nutrient value.


Keep your body moving. Even if you can’t get in the gym, move your body throughout the day. Try and motivate your family to go on walks with you. Make sure you’re not just lounging out in your pajamas everyday of the holiday season. Your movement matters and can make all the difference when jumping back on the wagon, post holidays.


If you are one to fall into the wait until New Year’s mindset, it’s time to change that narrative! This can be your first year that you don’t succumb into the all or nothing mindset pressure. Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain by just deciding to quit if you can’t be all in it, like you normally would be. Prepare yourself for the upcoming month with potential holiday changes and take control! Are you going to wait for January again or are you going to continue going strong?



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