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Back to Basics

By July 14, 2020Uncategorized

By: Mike Aguirre

Basic fundamentals rule all. Especially when it comes to fitness. Have you ever scrolled on social media and came across a coach, video recording their client doing some crazy exercise like standing on one leg balancing on a bosu ball doing a bicep curl and trying to juggle a tennis ball while having their eyes closed? That was a little exaggerated but you get the point. Doing those crazy off the wall exercises are not necessary, yes sometimes very advanced movements or exercises that aren’t traditional can “look cool” or can be beneficial but if you notice at the people doing them are very high level elite athletes who move at a very elite level. And I’m sorry to burst your bubble but those movements aren’t for you!

If your goal is weight loss, building muscle, “toning” up, or just trying to look good by the pool get back to the basics!

What I mean by the basics are your standard compound movements, which use large muscle groups and activate all the good stuff that you’re trying to make look good. Some of those lifts are a squat, deadlift, RDL, chest press, overhead press and a pull-up. All these are basic fundamental yet very important movements to be doing in your program weekly. Yes I said, weekly. You do not need to be juggling blind folded and trying to perform a squat to make gains. I promise. What you need is progressive overload and stick to these basic fundamental lifts! What I mean when I say progressive overload is over time you need to be trying to increase the weight on all your lifts to create that stimulus for your muscles to grow and get stronger and the stronger you are the better you look!

So a challenge for you if you’ve made it this far give yourself a month of full training and record all your fundamental lifts week 1 of training, track what weight you used for all of them each week with the intent of trying to increase little by little each week and by the end of the month at week 4 look back at your log and see how much stronger you’ve gotten overloading your system. Stick to the basics and the gains will come.

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