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Booty Building

By July 17, 2017August 21st, 2018Health, Nutrition, Weights, Workout Techniques

By Megan Turvey ACE, CPT

Most of us ladies, want to build up our glutes. Strong glutes are essential to daily life, seeing that they are the largest muscle!

One monumental misconception is that the best way to build our glutes is the squat. Very wrong, and a very common mistake. The squat is a QUAD dominant movement, a lower push exercise, and doesn’t hit the upper glutes well. In addition, there is no ONE exercise that magically builds the glutes, (if there was one it would be the hip thruster), it’s about doing a combination of exercises that hit the glutes from different angles that will give you look you’re looking for AND get you maximal strength. Keep doing squats, but incorporating hipthrusters, glute bridges, deadlifts, back extensions, glute kickbacks, reverse hyperextensions, and many more will help round you out. Remember to do movements that work for you!

You should be able to feel your glutes working when you’re performing a movement aimed towards your glutes! Don’t skip your banded walks in your warm up to help activate your glutes, but also don’t force a movement that doesn’t give you that terrible and wonderful burn in your glutes. For instance, hip thrusters set me on fire, but I don’t “feel” barbell glute bridges nearly as much. And it will be different for everyone, so mess around with it. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it, if I slap a mini band over the top of my knees, those glute bridges suddenly become much more effective. Importantly, don’t be afraid to go heavy! You’re not in any danger of accidentally building enormous glutes. Also, go Jane Fonda with it. I’m talking banded clam shells, lying or standing hip abduction as well.

As for frequency, you can work your glutes more often than you think, 4x a week even. If you’re doing two tough lower body days here at pulse, then do some high rep low weight stuff at home on two different days during the week, like kickbacks, glute bridges, and clam shells etc. Gluteal development is quite dependent on genetics, so some people will see results much quicker than others, but if you stay committed and are in for the long haul, you’re on your way to bigger stronger glutes!

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