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When it comes to achieving or obtaining something that you do not currently have, one must reach outside of their comfort zone and put in place a new set of actions. It has been said “that everything you desire is just a few steps outside of your comfort zone.” Because of the discomfort associated with achieving goals and obtaining new results it is essential to have a plan.

You may have heard of the powerful acronym S.M.A.R.T., it stands for:

Specific – Goals must be very specific and clearly defined. Envision every detail of the end result. What does it look like? How does it smell? How does it make you feel? How will this affect your life?

Measurable – Can your goal be measured during the journey of achievement? You need to know that you are making progress along the way and if you are not, reassess and move forward.

Attainable – Nearly any goal can be achieved but you need to believe that it is possible for you. You need to buy into it and see yourself as if you already have it. Ask yourself; is this goal attainable for you?

You may find yourself doubtful and that is okay, part of obtaining something that you have never had involves developing yourself. Growth is always a side effect of achieving something new that once may have seemed impossible.

Realistic – Be sure that your goals are realistic but don’t confuse this with a lack of faith that your goal may not be attainable. Know that all things are possible for one who believes, but be sure to also be realistic when setting your goals. Not all of us will walk on the moon but anyone can be a billionaire. Think big and big things will happen for you.

Time – This one is the most important. When will you have seen your goals come to fruition? Every goal must have an end date. A goal unwritten and not in your calendar is nothing more than a fantasy. Every goal should be broken up into mini goals with dates of completion attached to them, this way they are also measurable.

Now that you have the goal setting blueprint, have you got your goals written down? Are they S.M.A.R.T. goals? If so, make sure to read them daily, keep them in the forefront of your mind, and post them up where you will see them throughout your day. I will leave you with this… Feelings will change by the hour but your commitments remain the same. Therefore, make your decisions based off what you are committed to.

Chris Smith Chris Smithis one of Pulse Fitness’s expert personal trainers; he has 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is ISSA, TRX and Perform Better certified and continues industry specific education regularly. Chris enjoys working for a gym that has positioned itself as one of the few leading training studios in the industry and where he can pursue his passion for fitness and helping people. His clients call himThe Monkeyfor his love of gymnast style exercise and how he can often be found hanging on the monkey bars.

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