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At our recent educational seminar, we learned of these astonishing statistics. Fraser Quelch, one of the leaders in our industry shared with us the “State of the Nation,” as it relates to health and fitness. We want to share this information with you, so that you can also be aware and take action to improve the quality of your life. Proper nutrition and being active are critical components to a pro-active, healthy lifestyle.

We ask you to take a moment, read and think through these statistics.

·250,000 people die each week from preventable disease

·1 in 5 people are overweight

·1 billion overweight adults worldwide

·25% percent of the population is non-active, completely sedentary

·76% increase in Diabetes in the last 20 years

·In 1982, 4% of children were reported to be obese (1 in 20 children)

·Today, 25 – 33% of children are reported to be obese (1 in 3 children)

·Today, 1 in 4 children are showing signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Our commitment remains to be, helping the members of our community live healthy, stronger, and longer lives.

Don’t be a statistic, TAKE ACTION for a healthier LIFE!

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