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Fat Loss Phases

By September 7, 2021Uncategorized

By: CJ Hunt

So, you’ve made the decision to start a weight loss and health improvement journey, that is wonderful! One of the best pieces of advice is to remember that improving health and weight loss is a process with many factors involved.  We all want our extra weight to disappear but without understanding the phases of weight loss someone can end up stuck in the same phase and as a result not achieve the weight loss goals.  

Part of the first phase is even making that decision to start.

Along with that decision, having the correct mindset is important.  The expectation of seeing results from only the scale is faulty as the way you move, the amount you can move, how much weight you can lift, and how quickly the activity can be performed all can improve before a drastic change in the scale number is present.  Knowing this and taking victories in the smaller improvements along the way is much more beneficial.  Sticking with the mindset theme, being dedicated is important and starts from the beginning.  Making the process part of your routine and keeping to it will help set you up for success throughout your weight loss journey.

In the next and longer phase is where the process comes into full effect. 

This process is how the weight loss happens and continues for the duration of your journey.  Believe it or not diet is a huge factor and eating out every night is not going to cut it. Fresher is better! A better diet is going to help with energy for your workouts, for after your workouts, giving the body proper nutrition for your workouts.  Without a proper diet the body will not have the fuel to continue and that makes it easier to fall off the path to weight loss.  Not eating to cut down on calories has adverse health effects in addition to making it harder to workout.  Stick with eating clean and working out, just make sure you have coaching on both! When it comes to the other part of this phase, being able to work out hard/more, knowing that this can change from day to day is also important. 

It is difficult to workout out hard each and every day. 

Coming to the gym and getting every muscle sore every workout can be difficult to maintain for a long period of time and can add to the chance for falling off the path of your journey.  It is okay for some days to not be up to your strongest weightlifting totals. It doesn’t mean your slacking off it means your body needs some rest and it is a good idea to listen to the body when it says rest

Keeping a bigger perspective can aide you in achieving the goal of weight loss and overall health.  Know where you are as it pertains to the phase that your journey is in as well as how each factor can assist you in reaching the goals you have set.  Stick with the process and know the tipping point is coming if you keep working.

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