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Encouraging VS. Fat Shaming

By May 19, 2020Uncategorized

By: Tatiana Britton

If you are not in the loop regarding pop culture, then I will catch you up on a recent event. Singer-songwriter Adele recently made a dramatic change in her appearance. She shared a post that went viral because she had lost a substantial amount of weight. You would think this weight loss change would result in people uplifting Adele and praising her accomplishments, but it led to some differing opinions that turned into fat-shaming debates and discussions.

There were blog articles, Facebook posts and Instagram captions that stated the praise given to Adele was shaming her prior heavier bodyweight and elevates the expectations of a slimmer figure being better. Although many of these people claimed those who praised Adele were fat-shaming her prior physique, they went on to say she actually looked better with more weight and she shouldn’t have changed.

This seems a little backwards and sounds like a double standard.

How come we cannot condone people who desire to lose weight without being accused of fat-shaming? Why can we insult those who are healthier or slimmer and not be accused of body-shaming?

Hear me out: as a fitness coach I desire to influence and positively impact EVERYONE that I encounter and work with. As a female fitness coach, I tend to lean more towards coaching women, and they are equally as drawn to coaching with me. I understand the importance of praising ALL body types and I believe ALL body shapes are beautiful. I also think it is importance to stress that a slimmer body does not always mean healthier and a heavier figure does not always mean less healthy.

There are many factors that go into improved health, many which do not revolve around someone’s body size. However, excess body fat is linked to high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, increased risk of illness and decreased longevity. So why WOULDN’T we condone someone desiring weight/fat loss? Just as we should not make negative comments towards those who are not pursuing a health and fitness journey, we should not make negative comments towards those who ARE.

If you are ready to make a jump in your health and fitness journey and desire to change your body, I am here to tell you THAT IS OKAY.

It is okay to want to lose fat. It is okay to want abs. It is okay to NOT want abs. It is okay to want to feel sexy for yourself. It is okay to desire to feel sexy for your partner. It is okay to make the changes you need to make to be healthier, more confident and improve your quality of life. It does not mean your body is unworthy, unattractive or disgusting. It only means you are desiring change and you are WORTHY of that change. Be kind to yourself- be kind to who and where you are at this moment and who and where you are during all points of your journey. Love yourself and love the process.

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