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FATOX: A Real Fat Loss Secret

By July 7, 2020Uncategorized

BY: Zach Columbia BS NASM FPT

What is fat? It seems like most people think of fat as some mystic substance, but it’s a pretty basic question with a relatively simple answer. Fat is stored energy. Fat is produced when the body has an overabundance of nutrients and stores the excess for later use. While the subject of fat is actually quite complex, the idea of what fat is and understanding “Why” fat is, reveals an important fat loss secret.

Society would have you believe that fat is the enemy, but fat is actually essential for hormonal regulation of the body, vitamin absorption, temperature regulation, and fertility. We need fat not only for our bodies to function properly, but as insurance just in case we temporarily don’t have access to vital nutrients. The trouble is that there is a fine line between essential fat and unnecessary fat that goes beyond just appearances.

Fat is stored energy, but what does that even mean?

Most people tend to think of calories when they think of energy. In reality, fat is way more than just accessible calories. Fat cells store vital vitamins and minerals, along with toxins and hormones. When the body begins to breakdown and utilize fat cells for energy it’s also using those vitamins and minerals and releasing hormones and toxins into the blood stream. This makes a ton of sense from a survival mechanism but reveals a lot about what happens to the body when fat quantities go from being essential to being in excess.

In spite of over consumption, obese individuals are commonly deficient in micronutrients. The body becomes less sensitive and less capable of recognizing changes in fat cells when levels increase beyond a healthy range. This breakdown in the communication system causes the body to not only continue storing fat, but also gobbling up those vitamins, minerals, hormones, and toxins in unbalanced quantities. When this hoarding occurs, it starves the individual from vital nutrients the body needs.

On the reverse side, when someone begins losing large amounts of fat, they may feel energized from the flood of vitamins coming into their body or they may develop a slew of other health issues from overwhelming their body with excess hormones or harmful toxins. This is one of the reasons, why it can be unhealthy to lose fat too rapidly.

What then is this important fat loss secret I mentioned?

When someone begins losing weight, there body is going to go through a natural detox. Yes, they’ll see an increase in good stuff flowing through their blood, but they’ll also see an increase in bad stuff too. That bad stuff must be filtered out and that typically occurs in the liver and the skin. It’s general practice to start a diet with a detox, but in reality, a detox is totally arbitrary. Individuals losing weight, need detox support supplements to aide their body’s natural detox. They don’t need any supplements to help them start the detox process. In addition to flooding the body with detox support supplements, it’s critical that those undergoing a fat detox A.K.A Fatox, drastically increase their vegetable intake to support their body in the process of eliminating stored toxins.

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