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Get N.E.A.T and I Don’t Mean Tidy! 

Tatiana Britton 

B.S. Health Promotion, ACE CPT, NASM FNS 


When it comes to weight loss and muscle gain must of us know that exercise and nutrition and the huge factors that help us in achieving those goals. Many times, when we feel we are plateauing or not achieving our goals fast enough the first idea we turn to is “Well, I guess I better start eating less”. Although being in a caloric deficit (AKA— eating less than you’re burning through exercise) is a sure-fire way to lose weight, there is another way that you can burn more calories throughout your day and not have to once again obsess about that food intake. 


I’ve mentioned it briefly in prior blog articles, and it is the N.E.A.T. Method (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Woah, that’s a mouthful, right?! In simpler terms, it is easy movement that helps increase your daily caloric burn. Many of these movements/activities are things that you may already do, but don’t even know the substantial benefit they’re having on your health and fitness! 


Movement throughout the day not only helps with burning more calories but also decreases your risk for cancers, heart disease, anxiety, depression, type II diabetes and early death. Those who are sedentary throughout their day increase their risk of the prior health complications substantially. So, if I haven’t scared you into adding some additional movement into your day, hopefully I can convince you by sharing how EASY it is to add the N.E.A.T. Method to your healthy lifestyle! 


Listed below are some activities you can add into your day. I have split them up into separate columns; column one focused on ones easy to implement during workdays and column two focused on ones easy to implement at home, out and about, etc. 


Standing at desk instead of sitting  Parking far from grocery store entrance 
Taking the stairs  Playing with family at the park 
Walk or bike to work  Walking the dog 
Create department walk breaks or just go solo!  Taking the trash out 
Simply FIDGETING  Calf raises when waiting in line, pumping gas, etc. 
Walking during phone calls  Dancing & cleaning! Yes, combine ‘em for more fun, too! 



It is easy to implement N.E.A.T. Into your daily routine because many of these non-exercise activities are activities you are already performing. However, if I listed additional ways that you can add movement and caloric burn to your day that you are not already implementing it’s not too late to start, now! Give some extra thought to your daily activities and habits so that you can continue on the right track to the body you desire and stay healthy for the long haul! 

To find out more about how you can implement N.E.A.T. principles into your day schedule a free consultation with one of our fitness professionals.

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