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Gym Etiquette

By June 23, 2020Uncategorized

BY: Mike Aguirre

I thought this would be a very good time to talk about gym etiquette now that most fitness facilities are back up and running again. If you are unfamiliar with the phrase gym etiquette, it is none other than respect. That’s right, respect. Respect for the equipment, others and yourself in the gym. Everybody’s there for the same reason, and nobody wants to be distracted or held up. Do yourself and others a favor and follow these simple, easy, and for the most part obvious rules.

First rule and is like the golden rule of all of them.

Rack your weights! Nothing is more frustrating then seeing somebody use equipment and just leave it there and move on to something else. If you can take the time to set it up or get it out then you have time to put it away.

Second rule is don’t come in if you’re sick!

Even if you have some slight symptoms of something don’t risk coming and getting others ill just so you can just hit your workout. One missed workout will not destroy you and with everything going on currently it is best to just let yourself recover, get healthy and then return to your routine.

Third and last but not least wipe your equipment down!

It shouldn’t really have to be said but I’m going to say it anyway! How would you feel if you walked up to a bench to use and there was sweat all over it or even better if you went to pick up a dumbbell and you can just feel the drips of sweat from the person before. Awesome right? Be aware of others and take 8 seconds of your time after your final set to just give them a good wipe down and rack them back to where they belong. I think it is up to everybody now to keep the facility as neat and clean as possible.

Those three rules aren’t asking much but make a world of difference for your experience!

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