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Intrinsic Motivation: The Most Important Kind to Keep You Moving

By February 16, 2021Uncategorized

By: Jordy Peri

We have all heard it from our gym peers, or even said it ourselves, “I just don’t feel motivated lately.” Motivation can be defined in very simple terms: it’s what drives us to maintain or reach the goals we have set for ourselves.

One might argue that motivation is a form of desire.

When you look at it that way, things change a bit, or at least they should. You SHOULD exercise, you NEED to exercise, you WANT TO WANT to exercise, but do you have a DESIRE for exercise? You may have been one of those that answered yes to that last question, for you, you like how it feels to exercise.

But for many of us, exercise is usually thought of as having an end goal such as helping you to reach a certain weight, look better in your clothes, get stronger, be healthier, or to avoid the disease that plagues the nation, obesity, or other diseases that run in your family such as diabetes.

That’s a little different than wanting to exercise, which is why so many of us run into that brick wall.

We set huge, unattainable goals, and maybe we even stick with those plans for a while. But at some point, we find that motivation fading and wonder where we went wrong along the way.

But that’s just it, you’re not doing something wrong. You just haven’t figured out what motivates you to the point that even when daily obstacles happen, like they do, they don’t interfere with that motivation and put you in that mindset of “I’ll try again tomorrow.”

This is called intrinsic motivation.

This motivation comes from within. It is not future goal oriented, and it doesn’t die or fade away once a set goal is reached. It’s always there, but you have to dig deep and unlock that potential within you. So, what exactly does intrinsic motivation look like? It means exercising because it feels good, gaining stress relief, feeling your body get stronger and the feelings that come along with that, and enjoying exercise because it’s your time to zone out from the world and focus on bettering yourself both physically and mentally.

Remember this, intrinsic motivation is what drives you, extrinsic motivation works to support that drive (that fire and passion) that you have within you. We as your coaches, are the extrinsic motivation part. We are here to provide a safe, fun place for you to let that intrinsic motivation come alive.

Don’t get me wrong here though.

Setting physique goals and rewards for yourself along the way are good, and necessary too, but there will be days where looking great in a bikini are not enough to get you off the couch. Extrinsic motivation will fail to keep you going when your goals are taking longer than you expected them to, or you realize that your genetics do not allow for the exact same body as the model you look up to. Extrinsic motivation can be good, but your intrinsic motivation has to be stronger.

My goal for all of you is to find that passion and desire within you to exercise and turn that motivation into a discipline that will push you on the hardest days, when exercising is the last thing you want to do. Think about what would make your life better and you’ll find the motivation to keep moving.







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