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Zach Columbia B.S.


Think about any purchase you’ve ever considered. From the biggest item to the smallest. What actually happened? It’s simple, you saw an item or service you wanted, you discovered the price, and you internally went through a decision-making process to determine its value. If you decided the product or service’s value was equal to or greater than the price, you most likely made the purchase. If decided the price was more than the value you were receiving, you probably passed up the transaction.

Before we get into if Personal Training is worth it, l need to explain something. One of the largest career fields in the world is sales. Salesmen spend hours learning and training on how to get potential buyers to recognize the value of the product or service they are selling. Personal Trainers are absolutely no different.

When I decided to become a personal trainer in my early twenties, I expected to walk in to work each day with a full schedule of clients waiting to be trained. I quickly learned that in order to be a successful trainer, you have to first be a successful salesman. You can’t help people if they won’t give you money for your services. For the majority of trainers, this is a career breaker. They learn how to train people. They get into the industry to help people, but they don’t learn the sales process. They don’t learn how to show potential buyers the value that they bring. For me, I got all of my sales training on day one. It consisted of my manager saying, “Go out on the gym floor, find someone, show them a few techniques and get them to sign up to train with you.” That was literally it… No formal training, no instruction, no “this is how its done.” Looking back on it, I wonder how I ever survived a week.

Now back to value.

At this point in my career, I’ve had lots of formal sales training and plenty of experience to know how to explain the value that personal training offers. From expert programming, to nutrition coaching, to accountability, to experience, to results, results, and more results. The only problem with that? Everyone in today’s society knows the value of personal training. If I asked you honestly, do you think the service personal trainers offer is priced appropriately, you would most likely agree that it is. However, if I asked you if you have one, most would say no. Why? It’s this simple. We live in a world where people will spend $4 or $5 for a cup of coffee, but won’t spend $4 for a dozen Free Range Eggs. We live in a world where people will spend $30 or more a day eating out, but think that $300 a month for a personal training program isn’t affordable.

What most are saying isn’t that the value of training doesn’t align with the cost, they’re saying the value of their health isn’t worth it. Here in lies the secret to your question, Is personal training worth it? The question being asked is wrong. Are you worth it? Is your health worth it? Is your ability to be active worth it? Is your appearance worth it?

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