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Mastering Your Workout Routine

By March 23, 2021Uncategorized

By: Jordy Peri

If you were to ask yourself right now honestly if you have mastered your workout routine, how would you answer? First, I think we have to define what mastering your workout routine even means.

One of the first things I like to ask my clients is, “What is absolutely realistic for you to do every single week no matter how crazy life gets?” Some weeks, you might be able to workout 5 times a week and that’s great, but first you have to set a blueprint, a standard if you will, of how many days and WHAT days you are going to workout EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. An example of this would be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If some weeks allow you to squeeze in a Tuesday and a Thursday on top of that, then great.

Setting a standard for your workout routine turns your mindset from one of motivation to discipline.

What I mean by this is say Wednesday comes around and your friends briefly mention doing something with you that night, how are you going to respond? Your workout is a reoccurring event on your calendar, it is a non-negotiable appointment, be proud of that and own it.

With that being said, setting an exact time for your workout on these days will solidify it as an appointment that is a part of your daily life. I get that it might not be ideal for your personal schedule to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3 pm on all of those days, but make sure that whatever time you set for those days, it’s the same time every week on those days.

The problem with not setting a specific time for these days and showing up at different times every week is you are treading on a slippery slope. Monday rolls around and you go to the store, then make a stop at the ups store, then some other random thing in your day and before you know it, oh shoot no more time for your workout.

A workout is so much more than working your muscles, getting sweaty, and burning calories.

Its stress relief, increasing your mood positively, lowering of blood pressure, decreasing chance or severity of chronic disease, and so much more. Having nice looking muscles and fitting into your favorite pair of jeans a little better might not get you to your scheduled workout, but your health should.

With all of this being said, I hope you realize now that making fitness a lifestyle is an absolute must. Set a routine for yourself and your life that you can commit to and make a promise to yourself that you will give yourself that 1 hour in your day 3-5x each week. If you miss a workout, schedule it for the next day and make it happen.

So I will ask you again, what does your workout routine you like? You should be able to answer this question with a frequency number, time of day, and exactly what days those workouts are on.

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