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Micronutrient Supplementation

By April 28, 2021Uncategorized

By: Richie Anderson

Let’s talk about supplements! (AKA multi-vitamins, fish oils, greens, b12, iron, etc.)

This is always an interesting topic, as most of the supplement industry is unregulated, and research can be contradictory in nature.  So let’s bust some myths!

First and foremost, I want to make sure that we are aware, A REGULAR AND HEALTHY DIET IS MOST BENEFICIAL TO BEING HEALTHY.  Supplements should SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet, not replace. If you are reading this then you need to have an honest conversation with yourself about your diet.

Second, before i break some down, i want to give you a resource you can use to go myth buster on all things nutrition. is a great website that summarizes peer reviewed articles on nutrition and supplementation.


Are you eating a colorful, well rounded diet? Ok, ask yourself that again and be truthful.  If you answered yes, you do NOT need multivitamin supplementation.  If you are unable to change your diet to improve the quality or have an underlying health issue keeping you from changing your diet, then multivitamins might be right for you!

Any dieters out there? You may need a multivitamin or certain specific micronutrients added to your diet.  Check out the chart below!

Greens Supplementation

I personally would eat like a 5 year old if I could. I am not a fan of greens or veggies.  So I personally supplement my diet with Athletic Greens ® in the mornings and evenings.  I also force feed myself spinach, and let me tell you, the drink is easier.

Most greens have a combination of multiple health benefits, so ask yourself again, do you get enough greens in your diet? If you aren’t using your fork as a shovel and getting those veggies in, you may need to look to supplementation!

Micronutrient Solutions Chart

Fish Oil

Fish Oil first came out as a cardiovascular aid, and while most research does not show any improvements in cardiovascular events (keeping them from happening) but some newer research has shown some anti-inflammatory properties, as well as potential boosts in testosterone (hey now boys!).

The question for fish oil for yourself would be, do you eat fish 3-4 times/week? If not, might look into some fish oil!

There are more micronutrient supplements on the market, and many require pretty long explanations and discussions (probiotics, oooof!).

Don’t be afraid to ask us on the gym floor! The Pulse Fitness team has a very grounded approach based on research and personal results!

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