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New Year’s Came Early

By November 10, 2020Uncategorized

By Zach Columbia NASM BS FPT

One of the most common reasons people fall off the fitness wagon is due to time constraints. Feeling motivated to get started often occurs in one of two different states. The first typically occurs in a lull of a busy schedule. When people have a break from their regular grind, they start to recognize how much they’ve let themselves go and decide they now have the time to focus on themselves. The second usually occurs when there is some sort of wakeup call and regardless of how busy someone is, they decide they’re not going to let anything stand in their way.

Covid has created the perfect situation for those who had previously been neglecting their health.

The fear of an unknown disease had people questioning their body’s ability to fight off any unwanted pathogens and put health at the top of everyone’s priority list. Likewise, many people also found themselves with an abundance of time and without the excuse of time constraints.

This type of event would have resulted in New Year’s Resolution like sign ups on steroids, had it not been for the inconvenient shutdown of fitness facilities and people choosing to exercise at home. As gyms reopened though, we saw an influx of inquiries and traffic. Many of those interested people voiced the exact motivations for wanting to get started, as those I just described. The emphatic and sincere, “This has been a wake up call for me! I need to stop focusing on work so much and start prioritizing my health!” rang out.

The unfortunate reality that the fitness industry is seeing now, is the same thing that typically occurs around the end of February every year. After that initial wake up call, motivation has started to decrease, workloads have started to increase, and all those time consuming social events and activities that everyone thinks are so much more important than working out are once again providing people with countless excuses. The same people that were saying, “Oh, what have I allowed to happen to myself,” have so easily allowed themselves to fall back into the same old trap.

If you told yourself, it was time to get serious about your health a few months ago, and you’re now finding yourself “Too Busy” to workout, this article is for you!

Ask yourself, is there anything I can write in the next paragraph that will bring you back? Is there anything I could sit down and say to you, that would remind you of how important this really is to you? Anything!?

The answer to that question is, no! Only you can do it. Only you can decide once and for all that you won’t let anything stand in your way. Only you can decide to never make an excuse. And only you can decide on whether you’re going to stick with it or you’re going to quit.

New Year’s Resolutions did indeed come early this year.

The perfect motivation for finally get started with a program was here. The question now is, will you stick with it or will you find an excuse to quit just like millions of people do every February. Before giving up, remember why you started. Before telling yourself, it’s okay to skip the gym because you had a hard day at work, think about your health.

Pulse is here to help keep you on track, motivated, and accountable. Don’t be a pandemic resolutioner!

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