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Post Workout Nutrition

By April 6, 2021Uncategorized

By Richie Anderson MST


So you just crushed your workout, you’re feeling accomplished.  Good for you! Then what? Do you jump in your car to commute home, or to work?  You’re a bit rushed, but all of a sudden you feel FAMISHED.  You swing into the nearest fast food joint and order half the menu.  After, regret sets in as you have the feeling you just ruined that amazing workout you had earlier.

Sound familiar?

The local bodybuilder would scream at you saying you missed your protein timing window.  He says within 30 minutes of exercise, you need to have a shake! You HAVE to or you will lose all of your gains. C’MON BRO!

He is wrong and he is right at the same time.  I will explain, but let us ask a few questions first….

What are your goals?

Are you trying to lose fat and gain lean mass?

Are you trying to build hypertrophy?

How often do you train/exercise?

What do your daily logistics look like?

These are questions to ask before talking about your specific post workout nutrition, because as with everything in fitness, IT DEPENDS.

Thankfully, we can focus on ONE of those questions. Logistics.  We all live crazy lives with days that sometimes do not go according to plan.  Logistics play a huge part in diet and exercise and we can keep post workout nutrition very simple. YES, your life is a mess, might as well have a pre-planned, nutritious meal or supplement to a meal after you exercise.  To me, that is a no brainer.

That anabolic window that was so important to us is still there, but we now know that it does not really matter if we intake protein and carbohydrates directly post exercise.  Conversely, it does not hurt whatsoever, therefore we at Pulse do recommend immediate post workout nutrition.

What that specific post workout nutrition consists of depends on your goals, which a Pulse Team member can discuss with you!

To sum it up, our reason that we push post-workout nutrition is to avoid that logistical chaos that is life.  Keep it simple and pack a shaker cup (that will start smelling after one week) or ask a Pulse Team member for a shake after your workout!



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