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Prioritizing For The Win

By December 5, 2018December 10th, 2018Uncategorized

By Zach Columbia B.S. NASM, FPT

I once heard a story about a very successful businessman. He spent 35 years working for the same company; starting in sales, he worked his way to manager, then regional manager, director, vice president, and finally CEO. His professional accomplishments paled in comparison to his personal accomplishments. He had been married for almost 30 years, raised three children, and by the time he retired at the early age of 60, he had 2 grandchildren. He was excited to start prioritizing some of the things he had neglected like spending more time with his family, losing weight and getting in shape, and taking that trip to Europe he had been promising his wife. Unfortunately, this successful business man dropped dead of a heart attack three months after retiring.

Sadly, we’ve all heard tragic stories like this before. You see, the part I left out is, this gentleman weighed 280lbs, was diabetic, and on high blood pressure medication. Years of business lunches and dinners, travel, and entertaining clients had taken its toll on his health and appearance. While he seemed successful, the truth is, he had spent the majority of his life putting his career first, thinking there would be time for all the other things once he had retired.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where almost everything regarding our health is upside down and over the years, our health has gone from the top of the totem pole to the bottom. Think about it. No one gets a consistent 8 hours of sleep every night. Our food is processed and depleted of nutrients for the sake of speed and convenience. The average American works well over 40 hours a week, not including long commutes and is beyond stressed. The statistics on pharmaceutical use is staggering and while health club memberships continue to rise, so does disease and obesity.

Think back to the last time you got sick, and I mean like couldn’t get out of bed sick. How productive were you? We know the American lifestyle is not built with your health in mind, but we’re starting to see some promising changes. Why? Productivity! Over the last several years, we’ve seen Corporate America make a big push towards their employee’s health. Now I wish I could say it was because they care so much about us, but that’s probably not the case. What they have realized, is that your productivity is far superior when you’re healthy. Plus, they save money on healthcare costs. Was that a knowledge bomb or what? News flash, when you feel good, you can do more, your brain functions better, you miss less work, oh and not to mention that you’re around to enjoy life for a longer time.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You will never find time for anything, but you’ll make time for the things that are important to you?” The truth is, you can’t do it all. There really aren’t enough hours in the day, but you can do it better! If you can’t find the time to exercise in personal training studio near me, or meal prep, or get enough sleep, your performance will suffer. When your performance suffers, you’re less productive. When you’re less productive it takes you longer to accomplish your tasks. Guess what? You’re prioritizing wrong!

If you make the time to exercise, cook that healthy meal instead of skipping or hitting the drive through, get enough sleep, drink enough water, and get up and stretch your health will flourish. Put your health first, this is how you prioritize for the win!

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