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1.  Set Measureable goals. Write down what you want to achieve and how long you want it to take you. Your goals need to be measurable for example- Lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks or run a 7 minute mile in 30 days. Goals like “I want to feel better” or “I want to tone up” aren’t measurable and they are hard to track.

2.  Commit to a realistic workout schedule. Plan the number of work outs you will perform each week. If you know there is no way you can make it in to work out 5 days a week due to your busy lifestyle, then start smaller like 3 days a week and work up to more.

3.  Track everything. Nothing keeps you more accountable than logging in everything you eat and what you are doing for your workouts. You may be surprised how many calories are in certain foods and beverages (wink). It is also a great way to see how far you’ve come along during your fitness journey.

4.  Build a support network. It definitely helps to have support from your family, friends and workout buddies. They will know what you are trying to achieve and likely will not sabotage your goals with peer pressure. Plus, won’t it be nice to share your success with someone once you reach it?

5.  Don’t wing it. Use a professional fitness program that has proven results. If you are going to make the commitment to fitness, might as well do it the right way the first time!

tim Tim Lyons – Owner, Pulse Fitness.  Tim.grew up in Arizona and at an early age found athletics as a way to compete and develop his interpersonal skills. Tim competed in several sports such as football, soccer, baseball and track & field. He found his calling in football, played at Scottsdale Community College and later earned a Division-1 scholarship to play at the University of Louisiana earning Team Captain, Academic Athlete of the Year and starting his 2 years on the team at Fullback and Defensive End against some of the toughest teams in the SEC, WAC, Conference USA and Big 10. He received his Bachelors of Science in Business Management from ULM and later his Personal Trainer Certification. He and his wife Erin opened Pulse Fitness in August of 2009 and it has essentially changed how training is done in the local area. Pulse Fitness’ methodology is structured around Functional Training; getting clients up on their feet moving in multiple directions and using the body the way it was designed to be used.

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