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Sand and Small Rocks; How Do They Fit?

By March 9, 2021Uncategorized

By: Richie Anderson

Over the last few weeks, we have discussed the idea of self reflection and the self-help tool of using a jar to help us organize our life and our priorities.

Jordy spoke about the larger priorities in life, or Big rocks and now we get to dissect the little stuff, the small rocks and the sand that fill the remainder of the jar.

Small rocks, for this exercise, are defined as your secondary priorities in life.  They are necessary, yes, but not as much as your larger life priorities.  I nor anyone else can define these for you! That is the most difficult part of this exercise, YOU have to determine what your rocks look like.

Sand is a slightly easier to define, sand is the more materialistic items in your life, small stuff that does not impact your Big rocks.

Now that we have the small rocks and sand defined, I wanted to do my own self reflection below as a guide for our readers:

Small rocks:

Work – used to probably be my biggest rock which caused my family, friends and healthy relationships to suffer

Grad School – necessary, and I need to complete it, but it can be completed without endangering my health or relationship with family

Working out – by lowering my emphasis on workouts, I don’t put pressure on myself to have killer workouts every single time, and I can enjoy my fitness more (used to be another big rock, now my HEALTH took its place as a big rock)


My Lululemon addiction – not necessary to being happy, but a little retail therapy never hurt anyone

Quarantine golf – as much as I love it, it needs to stay sand in my jar.

Jokes aside, this is a really really great exercise. Your life is in a jar, you are required to have some self-reflection to organize it accordingly.

SIDE NOTE: The jar analogy is also great, because all of these priorities, be they big or small, all impact each other.  That jar is ever changing and one rock, whatever its size, can take the space of something else.  For me personally, this allows me to very easily determine when my jar does not have its normal contents.


We can positively affect our jar and all of its contents when we get the right amount of “stuff” in the right places.

There is definitely such a thing as a positive snowball effect; so stay the course, try to improve everyday and fill that jar up however you see fit!

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