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Setting Intentions for the Remainder of The Year

By July 23, 2019Uncategorized
setting intentions

By: Tatiana Britton BS Health Promotion, ACE CPT, NASM FNS

 We all know the importance of setting intentions for our New Year and many of us enjoy setting New Year’s Resolutions. However, they are infamous for being short-lived. We get very hyped up to begin with new lifestyle habits and then we fall off the excitement. Perhaps you can attest to failing at your New Year’s Resolutions or maybe you have defied all who didn’t believe in you and you have held them strong up to this point. Either way, hitting that halfway mark in the year is a perfect time to reevaluate your goals and set some new ones. The goals you set at the beginning of the year may not fit your desires now and/or you’ve outgrown them. Maybe you bit off more than you realized you could chew, so now you need to dial it back and start over. Just because the first half of the year didn’t go as planned, doesn’t mean the remainder of your year has to do the same; you can also continue following the same successful track if your New Year’s resolutions have been on your side.

Whether or not you are setting health and fitness goals, here are 3 tips/tricks that can help you be successful in achieving your new end of the year goals:

  1. Set long term AND short-term goals

It’s important to set long term goals (6-12 months) but it’s equally, if not more, important to set short term goals (Weekly-5 months). When setting that large goal, it’s easy to lose sight of it only a few weeks in and before you know it the goal seems too farfetched. Setting weekly and daily goals, to help you get one step closer to that long term go a long way. It keeps you from becoming overwhelmed and allows you to celebrate mini successes along the way! They help keep you accountable week by week and before you know it, that long term goal has come, been met and is gone. Then you’re ready for the next!

  1. Take some time to self-reflect.

It’s easy to set goals based off what people expect of you or what are the “typical goals”. Perhaps you’ve always said “I want to lose weight” because that’s every body’s New Year’s Resolution, but in reality, it is not resonating with you. Then acknowledge this. What do YOU desire to do/be/have/become these next few months?! Now don’t take this as me telling you that you do not need to lose weight; if you need to drop some pounds and improve your health, I am 100% for that. I am suggesting you reframe your mindset. If you just want to begin getting active, set goals based around that! For example, “I will workout with my trainer at Pulse Fitness 3 days a week for 6 months”. This allows you to focus on the behavior change that you want to make, and it will result in weight loss, too. Bonus! Figure out what YOU desire and don’t worry about what’s expected of you. If it doesn’t align with you, you will not be successful in achieving it.


So, you failed the last goals you set?! SO WHAT! That doesn’t mean you have to, now. I hear, regular from clients and friends, sentences that start off as “I never…”, “I always…”, “I couldn’t…” and they are saying these things based off past experiences or just plain self-doubt! Just because you failed before or hit a plateau before or perhaps did well before doesn’t determine your upcoming success. If you are constantly speaking down to yourself, you will attract what you are putting out. A simple exercise that you can begin to implement into your daily routine is self-affirmations. Every morning write down and read aloud 3 behaviors/attitudes/actions that you desire to possess.For example:

  • I AM strong
  • I WILL get my hour workout in TODAY
  • I AM excited and energetic to reach my daily goals

You may not feel you are any of these things when you state them, but continuously repeat them until you believe them and until you realize you ARE these things. This does nothing but set you up for success and allows you an option to reset for the remainder of the year!

Setting goals that challenge you can be intimidating.

The fear that failure is lurking nearby can cause you to decide to not set any goals, at all. Don’t let fear or past experiences rule the rest of your year. Today is the perfect day to set new goals that you CAN and WILL achieve. If you need any help with setting SMART goals, self-reflection and/or getting inspired to start chasing new behaviors don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the fitness coaching staff here at Pulse Fitness. It’s never the wrong time to create a new and improved you!

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