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Skipping a Workout is More Than Skipping a Workout

Think about how tough it can be to workout four or five times a week. Consider how hard it is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone by exercising at high intensities. Also, consider the resolve required to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle with temptations all around you.

If you have the courage to respect your body, personal mastery is not far away. It says you respect yourself enough to do the things necessary for you to be at your personal best. Each time you head to the gym on a day when you just don’t feel like it, you become a little stronger as a person. Enduring a tough workout will enable you to persevere in other areas of your life. Working on your physical health will make you a stronger person, a better parent, spouse, worker, and friend.

When you miss a workout, you don’t just stay at the same level–you actually take a few steps back. Every time you miss a workout, you have done something to strengthen the habit of not working out! When you make a promise to yourself to exercise a certain number of times a week, and then you break that promise, you lose faith in your motivation. With each missed workout, you start to lose self-confidence and begin to question whether you can stick with it at all. Miss enough workouts, and eventually, that negative habit of not working out will replace the positive habit of exercising that you have worked so hard to develop.

So the next time you’re thinking of pressing the snooze button, or working through lunch, or heading home after work and skipping you visit to the gym, just don’t do it! Don’t even think about it. Don’t allow yourself the opportunity to talk yourself out of doing what you know you need to do to be your best. Remind yourself that you’ll feel like a million bucks once you’re done. The real challenge for most isn’t the actual workout, but overcoming the negative thoughts that try to sabotage your very good intentions.

The greatest irony of our physical life is that when we are young, we are willing to sacrifice every bit of our health for wealth, and when we grow old, we are willing to sacrifice so much of our wealth for just one day of health. Don’t let this happen to you.

There are 168 hours in a week. Surely, regardless of our hectic schedules, we can carve out 4 or 5 of those hours to care for our bodies and work on our physical state.

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Tim Lyons

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