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Throw farther, kick harder, run faster, swing stronger or swim longer, we are here to train the athlete in you.

IS Sport Perforance FOR ME?
Whether you want to throw farther, kick harder, run faster, swing stronger or swim longer, we are here to Train the Athlete in You. With our targeted Sports Performance Programs, you will bust through that plateau and let your competitiveness run supreme.
Focusing on high intensity interval training (HIIT) and integrated sport-specific and functional movements, Pulse Fitness Trainers ensure that you will not only enhance your top speed for any sport, but also increase refined core stability and strength. Gain confidence in your abilities and propel yourself to the next level of competition.
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Golf Performance

Having a consistent and powerful golf swing is a shared dream for all golfers. Pulse Fitness has a unique and successful program dedicated to helping recreational and avid golfers achieve this dream and reach their swings’ full potential.

We have Trainers who are certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) which provides specialized training and information tailored specially towards the game of golf.

During your TPI screening, we will look at your body’s movements and how they correlate to the golf swing. We will evaluate you and design a workout complete with corrective exercises to help your body reach its maximum potential.


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