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Stop Hitting Snooze

By December 5, 2017August 21st, 2018blog, Fitness, Health, Uncategorized

By Jessica Tailhardat

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep….silence….Beep, Beep, Beep….silence….Having an alarm wake you up after a restful or not-so-restful night of sleep isn’t the most pleasant way to wake up; it can be “alarming” some might say (pun intended). I’ll admit, I am the type of person to set 6 alarms for my morning, but regardless of the anxiety I have of not waking up, I always manage to get up on the first alarm. A couple of years ago, I used to snooze 3 times before I even got out of bed, but now I find more peace by getting up on that first annoying ring. Some would call me a morning person since I wake up every morning at 4am, but I think my behaviors and ability to be so alert have everything to do with that first alarm.

Waking up is the first task you have to begin your day ahead. It is a blessing to have another chance to attack your day. Pressing snooze in the morning is just prolonging what could be a great start to your day with just negotiating a couple extra minutes of sleep. This in the end, actually can make you more groggy anyway. In those couple extra minutes your body never goes back to a deep sleep, so you end up just teetering between a wake and semi-conscious state. Here are a few tips I would suggest to help get your day started the right way:

  • Put your alarm in a position walking distance away from your bed
  • Set one alarm (not 6)
  • Set your 1 alarm at a time you can’t afford a couple more minutes of sleep
  • Plan out your morning routine like you schedule work meetings, don’t miss a step
  • Get up and get active (workout before work or walk your dog)
  • Stretch out when you get out of bed-stretching is the body’s natural way to get the blood flowing to your brain and extremities again

My morning routine looks the same every weekday and is something like this:

                4am- Wake up/wash face with cold-ish water

                4-4:20: Prepare breakfast & food for workday

                4:20-4:40: Eat breakfast

                4:40-4:55: Meditate (I started with guided meditation on an app- ex. “Headspace”)

                5-5:10: Finish getting ready/leave for work

I used to do high intensity interval cardio right when I woke up, but now I work very early and find it better to wait until I get off. I have replaced my HIIT training with meditation, and it has had the ability to clear my mind and boost my mood just like HIIT did. If you work a little later than 5 or 6am, I highly suggest squeezing in 15-20 minutes of interval sprints or full body exercises  (similar to the metabolic finishers we do at pulse fitness) to help you out of bed.

Instead of your alarm being something you dread, start the day with a different perspective. You woke up today. You were able to get some sleep last night, which not everyone can say. Your alarm is your chance to accomplish your first task of the day with no procrastination. Have the mindset of: I will attack my day today!  Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about achieving your fitness and nutrition goals.