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Meet Lisa and Clint

“There is no decision…if you want to change your life, Pulse is where you go!”

With the regimented diet and exercise programs that Pulse Fitness designed for them, both Lisa and Clint have far exceeded their weight loss goals.  But, they gained something equally important: a new fitness family to support them every step of the way!

Meet Penny

“Don’t think twice about it.  Joining Pulse is one of the best decisions you can make!”

Penny has not only been able to lose body fat while increasing muscle mass, but she has also managed to increase her golf drive by 15-20 yards while decreasing her handicap from 12 to 3!

Meet Sachin

“I don’t see any place else to go…(Pulse Fitness) will take care of you!”

Since joining Pulse Fitness, Sachin has gone from 19% down to 10% body fat, which has helped him gain more energy, self-confidence and a better outlook .  Now, he’s not afraid to put his new strength and endurance to the test by joining new classes.

Meet Mellanie

“Don’t wait! To have this much energy and to be this happy is irreplaceable!”

Training at Pulse Fitness has helped Melanie go from a size 14 to a size 4! She doesn’t let anything stop her now!

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