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The Secrets to Weight Loss

By August 18, 2020Uncategorized

By Tatiana Britton

Are you struggling to lose body fat? Have you tried every pill, supplement and potion there is on the market? Is it taking “too long”? Well I am here to tell you save your money, stop buying those products and instead invest in patience and a coach.

Let me warn you, before you read on, this message may come off harsh initially. I want you to know that it comes from a good place; a place of frustration and passion and because I truly care about helping people achieve optimal health, fitness and wellness. So I can’t help but get a little bit heated when people are more willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on quick fix promises (pills, serums, etc) but find it “too expensive” to invest in an educated and experienced fitness coach. It is time to get rid of this idea that fat loss is a fast experience and time to understand that sustainable and maintainable fat loss occurs with time, consistency and real effort.


Let’s keep it simple. What DOESN’T WORK:

  • Any product promising quick and easy fat loss. If it promises insane amounts of fat loss in small amounts of time and claims its “easy”. Walk away.
  • Bailing on any new nutrition or fitness routine because you haven’t transformed in two weeks. Nothing real works in two weeks. Stop bailing and stick with it.


Now, I’ll let you in on the “secrets” that DO WORK:

  • Increase daily caloric expenditure. This can be done by increasing your weekly exercise frequency, setting a daily step goal (10-15k is a great place to start), getting up and stretching/moving every 10 minutes per hour.
  • Eating appropriate calories and macros. This can be overwhelming. An easy way to start is by ensuring you’re eating enough protein (1g/lb of bodyweight OR 1g/lb of lean mass). If you are needing help with setting up appropriate caloric and macro intake, contact a coach here at Pulse Fitness.
  • Stick to something longer than 2 weeks. Get real with yourself. What is 12 weeks in the long scheme of things? Nothing! So, don’t get too frustrated when you haven’t dropped 20 pant sizes in 3 months. That’s not realistic. Sustainable and maintainable results take time. It’s a journey of many ups and downs, but if you stay strong you will always come out on the UP!
  • Start resistance training. Especially women. Endless hours and days of cardio is not the answer to fat loss. In many cases, it can cause fat gain. Don’t be afraid to pick up some weights.
  • Hire a coach. You’ve probably been trying this on your own for a long time now. Yet still stuck in the same place. It’s probably time to hire a coach to help you with accountability and consistency.


The best thing that you can do for yourself is make the investment (both time and money) to get on a sustainable and maintainable workout and health plan. Then, make the commitment to NOT GIVE UP. Slow and steady wins the race; every time.




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