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By Zach Columbia B.S. NASM

On a scale of 1 to 10 how healthy would you say your diet is? 1 being you eat McDonalds daily and 10 being you eat entirely organic, grass-fed, free range, etc. 6 or a 7 huh? Wow, that’s pretty healthy! You see, I’ve been asking my clients that question for years. I’ve never had a single person rate themselves less than a 5. Step 2 in the process is to instruct clients to log everything they eat and drink for a full week, and then to review with them. In my experience, almost everyone says 6 or 7, but their actually a 3 or 4. It’s not that the majority of my clients are liars, or any of them for that matter, it’s because they’re ignorant of what a healthy diet really is… and it’s not their fault.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my very own diet as a 6 or a 7. I’m 6’1” 210lbs and have a body fat percentage that fluctuates between a 10 -13%. I tell you this, to put into perspective why a client who is 40lbs over weight is not a 6 or a 7 on the scale. Now I could write for days about how dishonest the food and health industries are, but you don’t have days, you need to see real change now; so, let’s put things into perspective and then give you some real tips that you can use to get healthy.

Many of you probably take a multivitamin. If you don’t you should! If you do, go get it out of the cupboard right now. Don’t look at the fancy bottle with all the fancy writing that says things like “All Natural” or “Over 30 key nutrients,” or even “Organic.” Instead, rotate that bad boy over and look at the ingredient list! Just as an example, let’s pick one ingredient. How about vitamin B12. No multivitamin is complete without your B vitamins. Does it have it? Of course it does. Great job! Give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulations you’re a 6 or a 7 on the scale… but wait; is there an actual ingredient listed where is says B12? Sure is. What’s it say? Cobalamin or Cyancobalamin? If it says Cyancobalamin throw it in the trash right now. Why, the same reason you thought you were a 6 or a 7, but you’re actually a 3. Cobalamin is natural occurring vitamin B12. Cyancobalamin is synthetic B12, made from combining cobalt and cyanide. Yes you read that correctly, cyanide! Like the poison you take if you want to commit suicide because you’re a secret agent about to be tortured for information.

So that’s just one example of one ingredient in one product you bought because you thought that it was going to make you healthier. Now that you realize that your multivitamin is most likely made up of toxic poisonous ingredients, what do you think is in your food! Hopefully I have your attention now.

In this article, I can’t tell you everything I know about diet and nutrition, but here’s what I can do; I’m going to share with you 10 changes that you can make today that will start you down the path to becoming healthier.

  1. Read and research the ingredients in everything you put in or on (yes, if it goes on your skin, it soaks in) your body! The second you assume something is healthy and don’t do your research is the second you become content being a 3 on the scale. A simple Google search will usually give you enough information on whether or not something is safe.
  1. If a product has unsafe ingredients, don’t use it. Okay, did I really need to say that? Yes! If you’re serious about being healthier, then don’t ignore the facts. When you know better, do better.
  1. Quality not quantity. Don’t waste your time counting calories. Eat organic food or as your grandparents called it, food. Your body cannot properly digest GMO’s. Pesticides are poison. Added hormones negatively affect your hormones. Gluten isn’t the devil, Glyphosate is. Eating organic is more expensive, but have you checked the price of cancer lately? It’s expensive, like really expensive!
  1. Beware of anything that claims to be “Natural.” “Natural” and yes even “Organic” does not automatically make something healthy. Never skip tip #1. Always do your research. (Your skinny friend telling you something is healthy, does not make it healthy!)
  1. Stop drinking… sports drinks, energy drinks, flavored water, and soda. Tip #1 applies to drinks too! Diet and sugar free are code terms for toxic chemical crap that’s going give you cancer and make you fatter. Refer to tip #2 because that chemical crap is addictive. (Feel free to quote me there.)
  1. Take a quality probiotic. Do not tell me you eat lots of yogurt or I will slap you. You’re Activia… not healthy. (Go back to tip #1). Leaky gut syndrome is real and most of us have it. Your small intestine is the first line of defense for filtering out toxins you ingest. If it’s not working well, neither are you. A probiotic will help your gut heal and help you stay healthy and lose weight.
  1. Get a water filter that filters out fluoride. Dean Burk told Congress in 1976, “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer death, and causes it faster than any other chemical.” That was in 1976, since then, there have been countless studies on the negative health implications of consuming fluoride. Along with be a carcinogenic, fluoride is also a major endocrine disruptor; meaning exposure can actually cause weight gain, not just prevent it.
  1. Minimize your use of plastic. Notice I said minimize. It would be impossible to completely eliminate plastic from your life, but at least stop storing and microwaving your food in it, and stop drinking out of it. The chemicals in plastic are xeno-estrogens, meaning your body recognizes them as estrogen. An excess of these and your hormones will be screwed up.
  1. Eat paleo. I’m not a supporter of this diet or that diet, but some people need a specific plan to follow. Paleo is basically avoiding any food that didn’t grow out of the ground or come from an animal. It’s not perfect, but as far as dietary plans go, it’s the best I’ve found for losing weight and working towards optimum health.
  1. Balance. I’ve met 10s; you don’t want to be one. Eat healthy 80% of the time and enjoy life!!!

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