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Training Back To Normal

By June 2, 2020Uncategorized

By: Mike Aguirre

Now that things are on the incline to get back to normal (ish) it is a great time to identify your weak points when it comes to training. Many of you took the surplus of quarantine time to really dial in your habits as it pertained to your fitness goals. Many of you used that time to spend it with family or working on other aspects that maybe were not fitness related which is perfectly fine. But however you used that time to better yourself it will certainly start to begin to show. If you took the surplus of time to work on fitness related goals then perfect, your transition will be a lot smoother! There are a couple important things to make sure of when you are getting back into your groove.

First thing, stick to your routine!

It’s a very basic element but a combination of the basics will lead you to be successful! Know exactly what time you are waking up and what time lights out at night needs to be at. Make sure you plan out your day ahead of time typically the day before so you have a very good idea of all the things that you need to get done (work, groceries, kids etc.) and you’ll be able to create some time to yourself to get your body moving! Same time waking up, same time going to bed and planning your day will help wonders!


Second thing, tracking your food!

Another huge element to the fitness game is your nutrition. Without proper fuel or lack of, your hard work in your training sessions can be stalled or delayed. If you have the myfitness pal app then utilize it! If you are somebody who isn’t as technology savvy, recording your food in a journal can work just as well. Another tip is you can kind of eyeball what your day of eating will look like the day before so go ahead and record your food the day before and see where you have room to work with!

Lastly, be consistent!

Going back to my first point of creating time for yourself to get into the gym, if you have planned out to train 4 times a week at 5 am then be there! Don’t let the excuses try to justify why you can’t go today, “oh I worked hard yesterday”, “’I’ll just go tomorrow”, “I just have such a busy day ahead of me”, I have heard it all! But you create this time for a reason. You have goals, this is time for you, time you can use to reach your physical goals, get you focused and can be a great jumpstart or end to your day! Make sure you are taking time to make a plan, be mindful of your nutrition and don’t miss!

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