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You’ve heard people say it… use it or lose it! This saying proves itself to be true when it comes to maintaining your fitness.  Missing days of training, will result in a loss of fitness.

We want to share with you the importance of keeping fitness routine and training consistently. When you miss or skip workouts the detraining time frame begins.  Detraining is the reversal of adaptation to exercise and during this time, de-conditioning begins.  Meaning,when we stop exercising, we generally begin to de-condition, and lose strength and aerobic fitness.

Let us help you understand the changes that occur in your body, when days are missed within a 30 day time frame.

30 Day – Detraining Time Frame:

Days 1 to 2: Beta-endorphin & adrenaline levels drop. Mood affected negatively

Days 3 to 5: Muscles lose elasticity. Aerobic capabilities drop 5% by 5th day off

Days 7 to 9: Body’s ability to use oxygen drops by 10%

Day 10: Body’s metabolic rate begins to drop

Day 11 to 13: Max Heart Rate and Cardiac output decline by 15%. Start to see first appreciable loss in muscle tone

Day 14 to 16: Mitochondrial activity (energy production) in cells begins to decrease rapidly. Loss of muscle, strength, and metabolic rate occurs

Days 17 to 19: Blood becomes less efficient at thermoregulation. Forced to spend excess energy to cool off

Days 20 to 21: VO2 max (the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and use oxygen during exercise) drops as much as 20%

Days 22 to 25: 10-15% loss of muscle mass & lost mass replaced by fat

Days 27 to 30: Muscles strength drops by as much as 30%

As stated, when days are missed, there are significant changes within the body and you will lose fitness.  Training consistently will improve your ability to progress and achieve sustainable results.   And, as with any training program, we recognize the importance of rest & recovery and these time frames are built into your training programs.

We are here to help, if you need to take time off from training, talk to your Fitness Coach about maintaining your training program. Don’t stop, don’t quit!

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