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What Is TDEE? And Why Is It Important To You?

By September 26, 2018December 10th, 2018Uncategorized

By: Michael Simmer BS, CSCS, LMT, FST


For most of the population when they start a fitness program or even simply just join a gyms in Scottsdale AZ, we are doing so with some purpose. It may be to lose weight, add muscle, lower our body fat percentage and for most just become healthier overall. Now when it comes to keeping our weight in check, whether you are someone who needs to lose weight or someone who needs to gain weight, keeping on track for those weight goals is not the easiest of tasks. The general idea of controlling weight is simple, and we have all heard it before calories in vs calories out, if you burn more calories then you consume then you will lose weight or if you consume more calories then you burn then you will gain weight. Seems simple enough right? Well that’s because there is a bit more to it then that, when it comes to trying to get as firm a grasp as one can on weight control it is important to talk about TDEE or your Total Daily Energy Expenditure. TDEE can become one of the most useful tools that you or your coach can use when it comes to helping in your workout design and when it comes to determining an appropriate meal plan for you.

TDEE is made of from a persons BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate, BMR is essentially the number of calories a person needs to stay on a healthy track when it comes to normal life, including liver, heart, kidney and brain functions. Once we have your BMR, we add in your activity (about the number of calories you burn over your BMR a day) so if I have a BMR of 1600 and during my day including exercise I burn another 800 calories my TDEE would be 2400, so in order to lose weight I would need to eat fewer then 2400 calories, if I am looking to gain weight I need to get above that 2400 calorie mark. The most common way to determine a person’s TDEE is using the Activity level conversion, which breaks down into 5 categories which describe a person’s daily activity level ranging from sedentary to extremely active. Other factor will also include whether a person is male or female, how old they are and a person starting weight.

So why is TDEE important for you and your coaches to know? Well because this allows us as coaches to gain more control over your weight, and in turn allow us to help you reach your goals faster, with out the need to rely on fad diets or dangerously low caloric intake levels. Now with the simplest of formulas we can gain an edge when it comes to your weight control, and it is simple enough to get an estimated TDEE anyone can do the conversions. Now if you are someone who really wants to get as accurate of TDEE count as we can then lucky you because we have the tools to be able to do that. TDEE is first reliant on your BMR, well making sure we have an up to date IN Body scan every month allows us to get your BMR printed out in minutes. Let’s go a step further, we want to really dial in and start hitting goals, then lets find out just how many calories on average you are burning during your workouts. There is a reason we get on you guys about wearing those MY Zones and no it is not just so we can yell at you for not working hard enough, ok well it is a little of that, but those belts can help us gain an even greater advantage then the regular TDEE conversion, because now we have your averages of how much energy you are burning during your workout, the more precise we can get your TDEE the more accurate we can be when it comes to guiding you on your nutrition. Being armed with your dedication, up to date in body and my zone averages all leads to goals being met and surpassed, so who’s ready to start crushing their goals.

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